The 20 best historic houses and gardens in Yorkshire

Explore the glorious stately homes and famous gardens of Yorkshire

Newby Hall Gardens in summer

Yorkshire isn’t known as God’s county for nothing. With glorious rolling hills in the Dales, major cities such as Leeds, Hull and York, and famous beach towns such as Whitby and Scarborough, Yorkshire is a tourist’s dream. No visit to Yorkshire is complete, though, without a tour of the magnificent country houses and famous gardens of the county. Here, we’re highlighting the best historic houses and gardens to visit in Yorkshire. You can also view a map of all these houses here.

North Yorkshire

Explore Yorkshire without a car

We’re keen to encourage sustainable travel when visiting Historic Houses and famous gardens in Yorkshire, so if you’re planning your day out in Yorkshire we recommend you visit the website of Good Journey, who help you plan out car-free days in God’s own county. Take a look at Good Journey’s website here to start planning your next trip.

...also in North Yorkshire

When in York...

Unlock the splendour within one of England’s finest Georgian townhouses and let Fairfax House transport you to the glory days of city-living in 18th-century York.

Originally the winter home of Viscount Fairfax and his daughter Anne, Fairfax House’s richly decorated interiors and magnificent stucco ceilings make it is a masterpiece of Georgian design and architecture.

Fairfax House

West Yorkshire

If you love Georgian architecture...

Sutton Park is a fine example of early Georgian architecture overlooking beautiful parkland.

It is filled with a rich collection of 18th-century treasures all put together with great style to make a most grand but inviting lived in stately home.

Sutton Park in York

East Yorkshire

Explore possible days out in Yorkshire

Sometimes it’s easier to see where everything is on a map, so take a look at our map below to see all places in Yorkshire that you can visit for free as a member of Historic Houses. If you’re interested in knowing a little more about about what membership entails, do take a look at our information page here.

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Harewood House was designed by Robert Adam

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