Encourage your friends to join us

Help spread the word and you'll accumulate savings on your next renewal

Visitors in the garden at Middleton Hall

Are you already a Historic Houses member?

We reward current members for referring friends and family who go on to join Historic Houses.

How does it work?

For every member you refer, you will receive £5 off your next renewal, up to the value of one year’s membership.

Refer two friends and you’re next membership will be £10 cheaper. Refer eleven friends you’d get another single membership almost entirely free! (If you and your partner are really popular, you can cover the costs of a double membership with around seventeen successful referrals).

Please note though, the £5 discounts apply to the renewal of the membership, not the individual members (so not £5 off per member within a membership).

What you need to give anyone you refer
  1. Your name
  2. Your membership number (the one on the back of your membership card)
What your referrals need to do

On the Join Page, in Step 2, and once they’ve entered their address information, they need to click ‘Yes‘ to ‘Would you like to tell us how you heard about Historic Houses?’.

Then they need to choose ‘Historic Houses member’, and enter the details you provided them with.

How can I reach out?

Reconnect with old friends

Historic Houses membership is best experienced with others

Do you have any friends or family you’d like to reconnect with? Why not send them a postcard from one of our member houses explaining how they would love it too.

Tell family and friends in person

Share you recent experiences

If your friends are impressed by or interested in your outings, and seem interested in Historic Houses and membership, make sure they refer to your name and membership number when they join.

Broadcast it to the world

We're for everyone and anyone

Don’t have anyone in mind right now who could use your membership number? Let your connections on Facebook know about Historic Houses membership by publishing a post, mentioning what makes visiting Historic Houses places so interesting, and how they too can join.

Note: Reductions may not be earned for Gift Memberships purchased for a new joiner by an existing member.

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