The Restoration Award

Recognising outstanding work in the restoration of our member properties. Run in conjunction with Sotheby's.

Dunvegan Castle scaffolding during restoration

Restoration award mark goldFrom replacing rotten roofs to rebuilding whole wings or recreating lost follies, there are always major projects underway somewhere among our membership, breathing life back into ruined or rundown buildings or ensuring that centuries-old homes will survive another few hundred years.

The Restoration Award recognises and celebrates the remarkable restoration work continually being undertaken by our member houses.

The award was launched in 2008 and is run in conjunction with Sotheby’s. The projects submitted reflect the dedication of owners to the care and sympathetic restoration of the incredible buildings that they own, inhabit and share with the public.

Projects must cover the dominant features of a room, building or folly, and are judged by an expert panel of experts and architectural historians according to the way in which they respect, and are in sympathy with, the historic quality of the building.

Any Historic Houses member property is eligible, provided that the projects has been completed within the past two years and is open to the public in some way.

Radbourne Hall

Radbourne Hall Wins Restoration Award 2021

Completed in 1742 for the Pole family and lived in by their descendants ever since, Radbourne Hall, in Derbyshire, had fallen into a state of disrepair since it’s last major renovation in the 1950s. A three-year restoration project has now concluded...

Want to enter?

If your Historic Houses member property has recently completed a restoration project, you may want to consider submitting it for the consideration of the judges.

Marchmont House in Berwickshire

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Marchmont Hugo Burge restoring the house

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