Van Gogh’s House

87 Hackford Road, London, SW9 0RE

So much more than a monument to Van Gogh’s time in London.

Van Gogh's House

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Van Gogh House London is now open for pre-booked curator led guided tours giving visitors the chance to follow in Van Gogh’s footsteps and learn the twists and turns of his time here.

In August 1873, Van Gogh took lodgings at 87 Hackford Road, aged just twenty. It was here that Van Gogh fell in love for the first time and though this love was unrequited, Van Gogh’s time at Hackford Road is said to be some of the happiest of his life. Visitors to the house will be able to see the original materials, traditional techniques and finest craftsmanship that have been used throughout the project, particularly in the ‘Van Gogh’ room, where Vincent lodged. Visitors will also see a new extension and garden studio that have been added to the house, readying it for the next chapter as it becomes a place for artists’ residencies and more. Tours will include the opportunity to view items uncovered in the restoration project.

The Van Gogh House is much more than a monument to Van Gogh’s time in London; it is an ever-changing, evolving opportunity to support emerging artists to make a living from their work in their life time – something Van Gogh himself was never able achieve.

Please check the website for further information, admission times and details about special events.

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