Broadward Hall Estate

Clungunford, Shropshire, SY7 0QA

A nineteenth-century remodelling of an eighteenth-century house, with a castellated Gothic appearance.

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Much altered in the 19th century, Broadward Hall has a Regency Gothic appearance. A much earlier dwelling is recorded in a deed of 1650s. In 1672, hearth tax records Broadward Hall had 7 hearths – more than any other house in the area apart from Abcott Manor.


Above, you’ll see images of a Chinese silk rug housed at Broadward Hall. The owner of Broadward Hall’s grandmother, Katherine Meta Skyrme, was travelling in China at the end of the 19th Century when she had this beautiful silk rug woven for her house in Baltimore. For many years the silk rug was then in her son, Sir Thomas Skyrme’s, house in Montrose Court and later in the Cotswolds, before finally coming to Broadward Hall on his death.

Katherine Meta Skyrme

Sir Thomas said that, as a child, he would sit for ages, looking at all the animals and imagine one day being able to see them in real life!

Katherine Meta Skyrme portrait painting at Broadwadr Hall

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