Heritage Carbon Literacy Training

January & February 2024

As part of an exciting new project in conjunction with Historic England, Historic Houses is pleased to support the delivery of Heritage Carbon Literacy Training to the sector. Please note that these courses are available to open houses only. The training is not aimed at individual private homeowners, local authorities or higher education institutions. The courses are accredited by the Carbon Literacy Trust. 

Carbon Literacy is defined by the Carbon Literacy Trust as ‘an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis’. Carbon Literacy is a key way for organisations to gain an awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change and a better understanding of what carbon emissions actually are. It provides a great foundation for individuals, teams and organisations to begin to take steps towards reducing their carbon emissions and become more environmentally sustainable. In short, the courses aim to heritage organisations in preparing themselves to reduce their carbon emissions and move towards becoming net zero. 

Thanks to funding from Historic England, we are rolling out five online Carbon Literacy training courses in January and February 2024. Historic Houses members that would like to participate in the course can book below.

The courses will be conducted online by Liz Power, Director of Historic Buildings & Places. Liz is also a member of the Historic Environment Forum. 

One individual from each house may book onto a course. Courtesy of Historic England, these courses are free to members, except for the £10 certification fee. Each course will be split into two half days and conducted over the space of a week. 

Please see below for dates of the five courses.

Tuesday 9 & Thursday 11 January 2024 - SALES CLOSED


Tuesday 16 & Thursday 18 January 2024 - SALES CLOSED


Tuesday 6 & Thursday 8 February 2024 - FULLY BOOKED


Tuesday 20 & Thursday 22 February 2024 - 1 SPACE REMAINING


Tuesday 27 & Thursday 29 February 2024 - FULLY BOOKED


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