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Earn extra revenue by ordering Historic Houses printed collateral to promote your referral code

Laundry card at Middleton Hall

We’ve created a bespoke, customised leaflet so that your house can promote Historic Houses membership via your own unique referral code, earning you financial rewards.

You can see the two sides of the DL-sized leaflet below:

The bespoke leaflet is also available in Welsh:

Your leaflet will be customised by us in two respects:

  1. Your own house name and unique code will be displayed;
  2. Four selected houses from the same region as yours (based on the tourist regions we use in our visitor handbook) will be displayed

You may order leaflets in quantities of 250, 500 or 1000. Please only order what you think you will need — one reason we have introduced this new system is to avoid waste.

We will pay all the costs of production and delivery for up to 2,000 leaflets across a maximum of two separate orders in any calendar year. If you need more leaflets contact to discuss your provision.

Standard posters & strut cards

In addition to the customised leaflets, we also provide standard A3-sized posters and free-standing strut cards, which are perfect point-of-sale marketing tools. You may order up to 10 copies of these in total. For example: two strut cards plus eight posters.

The design can be previewed below:

A1-sized map poster

The latest addition to our range of collateral a large map poster, which shows your visitors all the places Historic Houses members are welcome to visit with their membership cards, or enjoy through booking an Invitation to View tour.

The design can be previewed below:

To place your order, complete the form below and press submit. Orders will be grouped into economically efficient batches, so under normal operating conditions you can expect delivery in anything from two to six weeks.

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  • Please tell us the name of the Historic Houses member property - this is what will appear on the customised leaflet or poster
  • Choose someone on site who is expecting to take consignment of this order and who will make sure it is accepted.
  • This will be shared with the courier company in the event of any problems on the day of delivery.
  • Make sure you provide the exact location of the office, kiosk, visitor centre, or entrance at which the recipient will be ready to take delivery of the package
    Remember, you can order up to two separate consignments, or 2,000 leaflets (whichever is fewer) for free each year - but please don't order more than you think you'll need, to avoid waste.
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