What is Invitation to View?

Invitation to View offers visits to privately owned houses and other places of interest, many of which rarely open to the public. The scheme is unique in that individuals can buy tickets to visit a place of their choice on the dates in our calendar without being part of a group. Many properties do not open for anyone else and, normally, the owner takes charge of the tour.

Who can go on an Invitation to View tour?

Anyone! If you're interested in exploring behind the scenes at incredible historic estates there'll be a tour near you.

Where can I find Invitation to View tours on the website?

Tours can be found in date order under the Upcoming Tours button on the Invitation to View homepage. However if you're looking for a specific tour you can use the search button at the top right to go straight to your preferred property.

Can I search by region?

You can. On the Invitation to View homepage there are buttons to view properties by the four major regions. This will take you straight to the tickets website, run by Tyg Tickets. If you're having problems with this way of viewing tours by region it may be better to download our Invitation to View brochure where you can view a map of each region and the properties that you can visit.

What's the difference between Owner-guided and Our Selected tours?

There are two types of Invitation to View tour: Owner-guided and Our Selected Tours.

Owner-guided tours: Tours led by the owner of the property, giving guests the chance to get an exciting insight into the history of a property from the people who know it best.

Our Selected Tours: These used to be known as Members Tours and were exclusive to Historic Houses members, who now instead receive a discount on all Invitation to View tours. These tours have no set pattern and may involve a lecture, seminar, visit to one or several properties, or even involve overnight stays in properties.

How can I filter between these?

If you go to the Upcoming Tours page you'll find 'Event Types' listed at the top left. If you click this there's a drop-down menu you can use to filter between the two.

What other types of tours are there?

Historic Houses also list events run by its member houses on a separate events page. We also have a partnership with JustGo! Holidays to offer short breaks across the UK exploring several historic estates by coach, including overnight accommodation. You can find these on the dedicated Short Breaks page.

What is the discount and who is eligible for it?

Current members of Historic Houses can receive a 5% discount on all owner-guided Invitation to View tours. This has, as of March 2019, been extended to all Invitation to View tours. To see the discounted rates you need to Login before viewing any of the tours. Once logged in you'll see buttons offering discounted rates on each tour.

Under what circumstance can I get a refund?

We are unfortunately unable to offer partial refunds to Historic Houses members on tours booked at the full rate, so please ensure you log in before viewing any tours and always click on the button that says 'Book with Members Discount'.

Refunds will be given if a tour is cancelled, or if if visitors cancel at least two weeks before the tour date.

Who should I contact if I want to find out more about a tour?

We do our best to ensure all available information is listed on the website before you book a tour, so please take a look here first. However, if you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact the Historic Houses Tours Officer Pat Jacobs at pat.jacobs@historichouses.org or call 01284 827 087.

Who should I contact if I encounter a problem with the website?

In January 2019 Invitation to View was merged with Historic Houses, with a new set of dedicated pages exclusively for Invitation to View tours. It is still early days with the transition, with improved navigation on the way. However, if you spot something that needs urgent attention or encounter any technical issues with the website please contact the Digital & Marketing Officer Dominic Head at dominic.head@historichouses.org or call 020 7259 5688.