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  • 09 Apr 2019

Better use of lime mortar on traditional and historic buildings: Developing a pilot tool kit

Researchers in Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment along with Cliveden Conservation are developing a pilot decision-making tool to encourage and support building practitioners onsite and conservation specialists, such as specifiers, working on historic and traditional masonry to use and advise on lime mortar more easily and more efficiently.

This tool will aim to: 

  • Direct practitioners toward using lime and not cement;
  • Give a step by step guide for the decision-making process of using lime: understanding that for different environments and masonry different limes may be suitable;
  • Help to choose the best lime and sand to use, in which ratio for specific location, topography, and stone types;
  • Improve knowledge sharing between scientific researchers and practitioners.

We would like to invite you to participate in the initial discussions during a workshop to explore what knowledge is needed and what this tool could look like in practice.

Your involvement at the beginning of this project would be extremely valuable, not onerous, and would help better link science with expertise in craftmanship. This initial discussion will help us understand what is needed for a range of practitioners and help shape the content and form of this pilot tool. Future follow-up discussions will then scope the types of guidance the pilot tool will give, such as which lime compositions should be used.

Please find the programme attached and RSVP by April 23rd at

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