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  • 08 Jan 2021
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Fireplaces at Historic Houses

This week's Feature Fridays theme is Fireplaces, so we've compiled a selection of fireplaces at our member historic houses for you to read about and hope to curl up by someday.

Hever Castle, Kent

Hever Castle fireplace


Hever Castle has some fantastic fireplaces, many of which are used during the colder months to offer a warm and cosy welcome to visitors.

The fireplaces in the west wing are all original, though many of the surrounds have been augmented over the centuries, especially the one in the Great Hall, which would have been much plainer. It now features the Boleyn coat of arms and was designed by William Silver Frith.

This fireplace can be seen in the painting below – ‘The Yule Log’ by Robert Hillingford, 1861 and a photo from 1900. Read their full article here.

Chenies Manor House, Buckinghamshire

Chenies Manor House fireplace


The Coats of Arms around the fireplace in the Long Room represent the three families that have owned and lived in the Manor – Cheynes, Bedfords and the current owners MacLeod Matthews. The Addenbrooke Coat of Arms are part of Mrs MacLeod Matthews family.

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Bamburgh Castle Fireplace Bamburgh Castle engarvings above the fireplace.


Their Tudor style fireplace was added by Castle owner, Victorian innovator and engineer William Armstrong in the 19thC. Engravings in the bespoke stonework above reflect his passion for shipbuilding.

Holdenby House, Northamptonshire

Holdenby House Ballroom Fireplace


Here you'll see the fireplace in the ballroom at Holdenby House.

Kiplin Hall, North Yorkshire

Kiplin Hall Libaray Fireplace


Their Library fireplace features stunning William de Morgan tiles depicting ships and sea monsters, and a portrait of Charles I above.

The Charterhouse, London

The Charterhouse Great Hall Fireplace The Charterhouse Great Hall Fireplace


Ushaw: Historic House, Chapels and Gardens, County Durham

Ushaw Hall Fireplace


Here the amazing fireplace in their Refectory is shown. It was designed by Augustus Welby Pugin in c.1848.
Inside a niche is an image of St Cuthbert, patron saint of the College, holding the head of St Oswald, with Latin writing in Gothic script below are the words 'Sancte Cuthberti Ora Pro Nobis' meaning ‘Saint Cuthbert Pray for us'.

Ushaw Fireplace Detail


Belmont House, Faversham

Fireplace at Belmont House


Harvington Hall, Worcestershire

Harvington Hall Fireplace


This fireplace is actually a cover for something else. Watch the video on Twitter to see what this really is.

Watch the video here

Godinton House, Kent

Godinton House Great Hall Fireplace


The fantastic fireplace in the Great Hall at Godinton House has a surround made of Bethersden marble, which is a limestone quarried from the Weald Clay around the village of Bethersden, situated approximately 4 miles from Godinton. The stone is made up of the shells of freshwater snails and winkles, which leave a clear outline within the stone. It is referred to as marble as it polishes well, but it is not a true marble in geological terms as it has not been subject to metamorphism. This 17th century fireplace was installed by Nicholas Roundell Toke, who succeeded to the estate on his father's death in 1819.

Combermere Abbey, Whitchurch

Combermere Abbey Great Hall Fireplace


This picture shows a fireplace at Combermere Abbey that was installed by Lord Combermere in the 19th Century as he decorated the ceiling.

In 2011, as the room was undergoing restoration work, panelling was removed and an original Tudor fireplace was found underneath!

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