Autumn at Hever Castle

  • 28 Sep 2020
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Explore the colours of nature as part of Autumn Colour at Hever Castle

From 1 October

This autumn Hever Castle will be exploring colour therapy through a self guided autumn trail taking visitors into the different areas of the stunning grounds.

For many, autumn is their favourite season; it brings a welcome cooling of the summer’s heat, the fallen leaves provide a delightful carpet to crunch through, the longer shadows delight and slanting light throws a golden hue across the many colours of the season.

Over the six weeks of the Autumn Colour event the different coloured areas of the grounds and formal gardens at Hever Castle will be celebrated and the health benefits of absorbing the colours in nature.

The autumn trail at Hever Castle (from 1 October) has been designed to provide maximum colour and opportunity for visitors to experience this natural therapy.

The trail encourages visitors to pass under the oak trees on Anne Boleyn’s Walk, through the evergreen Scots Pines, red pin oaks and delicate buttery yellows of the larch trees on Lake Walk.

Visitors can submerge themselves in the forest glades at the top of the lake in ‘Smugglers Walk’ before moving past the Japanese Tea House folly, returning to the more formal gardens where the autumn colour on Diana’s Walk is stunning.

Take a detour into the quiet glades known as Anne of Cleves Bower House and the 25 acres of Park Wood that will also be open.

Visitors are also being encouraged to take part in Forest Bathing to enjoy the Autumn Colour at Hever Castle.

Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku is simply spending time outdoors under the canopy of trees. In Japanese, “shinrin” means forest and “yoku” means bath, so ‘forest bathing’ is the art of immersing oneself in the forest and soaking in the atmosphere through the senses.

Duncan Leslie, CEO at Hever Castle, says: “The Gardens have always been a huge benefit to visitors - providing a wonderful space in which to lose oneself for a while. 2020 has been a challenging time for many and it’s wonderful to be able to share our space with visitors and to encourage them to get the full benefits of time spent outside in nature. We know that daily doses of exposure to nature can really benefit our health and well-being, and we look forward to seeing visitors walking among the trees and soaking up the amazing autumn colour in the grounds.”

The autumn trail will be self-guided and visitors will be encouraged to download the maps at home, and to learn more about the benefits of forest bathing and colour therapy via their dedicated autumn webpage:

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