Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens re-opening

  • 03 Jun 2020
  • Article

Following recent updates to the Government's Coronavirus guidelines, and an extensive review of our health and safety policy and procedures, we are able to open Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens on Thursday 4th June and Abbotsbury Swannery on Saturday 6th June.

Please note that there are a number of changes of which you should be aware. We are restricting the number of visitors to be allowed in per hour to 60. In order to accurately measure this, we are asking that every visitor must book online. The shops and catering facilities are currently closed, but we are working hard putting in measures to re-open these when it is safe to do so.

The Gardens are full of life and colour, and the cygnets are still hatching at the Swannery, so there is a lot to see! We've reduced our ticket prices too:

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens tickets

Adult: £10 / Children (5-15): £5

Abbotsbury Swannery tickets

Adult: £10 / Chidden (5-15): £5

- Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, Dorset


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