A C16 house extended in 1822 in gault brick by the Brereton family. Award-winning work includes remodelling of the west front and extensive interior restoration including unbricking five Georgian windows. The fine oak staircase is reputed to have originated from Merton place, Horatio Nelson’s last residence. Three important Brereton portraits have been purchased and restored dating from 1660 to 1805. A Gurney /Brereton arrangement led to Brinton Hall becoming a county bank during the 1820s. 

Outside the gardens have been planted for year-round interest, especially trees and shrubs. There is a woodland garden, snowdrop theatre, formal lawns leading to a ha-ha. The furthest lawn overlooks the parkland (now a county wildlife site), lake and woods. There is also an 18th century walled garden used for fruit, vegetable and cut flower growing, an apiary and an orchard planted with a wide variety of fruit trees.

Displays include fine stone age tools found in Brinton, photographs of important Brereton textiles, e g the Anna Margaretta bedhangings, Roman coins and materials consistent with a Roman villa, and the story of Nelson’s staircase.