How do I choose the Christmas Gift option?

Simply follow the checkout page options, choosing Join Us and As a Gift, and on Step 3 (Your Details) select One-Off Christmas Gift, or Recurring Christmas Gift.

Will the recipient get an email confirmation?

If you do NOT want the recipient to receive an email confirmation, do NOT place an email address under Member Details in Step 2.

I'm sending this directly to them. Will they know it's from me?

To send the membership pack to the gift receiver, select Send Membership to Gift recipient, on Step 3. They will then receive their pack wrapped in a plain purple plastic wrapper, inside a cardboard delivery box. On the back of the wrapper, we will place a sticker that reads 'Do not open until 25 December'. If you've included a gift note, this will come inside the membership pack.

When will they get the membership pack?

Any order received before December will be sent out at the beginning of December. The last date to ensure delivery likely before Christmas is 13 December. Orders received after this date may arrive after Christmas.

When will their membership start?

Their membership will run from Christmas until 31 December the following year.


If you still have questions, please email or at 020 7259 5688. Office hours 9:30am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.

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