Step back in time to the sumptuous world of 18th century York for an intimate performance staged in the finest Georgian townhouse in England.

Charles Gregory Fairfax bestows a magnificent gift upon his only surviving daughter, Anne. He builds her a resplendent house filled with beautiful things so that she might have a bright future in a glorious society…but, this place is wrestling with darker concerns and the household is haunted by the ghosts of its past.

Your task is simple. Enter a room and choose an object. Each object triggers an alternative version of the past and from a different historical perspective. Your choices not only change the drama but will even change your route through the house and the order of events.

Day Performances and Premium Candlelit Evening Performances (including refreshments) are available.

To ensure everyone's safety, and allow for social distancing, a maximum of six people are permitted to attend each performance. Face masks are required and regular sanitising points are available throughout the visit.

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