Romantic Tudor manor house nestled in a Cotswold valley.  Historic gardens, Cyder Barn dated 1446, where lunches and teas are served to guests. Church.  Private tours conducted by the Mander family, who have lived there since 1974.

Home of Sir Nicholas and Lady, Owlpen Manor has long been recognised as one of the most romantic Tudor manor houses in southern England. Set in a picturesque valley among ancient woodland right under the Cotswold hills, it has formal terraced gardens and magnificent yews of the seventeenth century.

The house dates from 1450 to 1616, with careful Cotswold Arts and Crafts repairs of 1926, when the house was saved from ruin after over 80 years of dereliction. Today the interiors contain a series of unique 'painted cloth' textiles and Mander family portraits and collections, as well as a famous collection of Cotswold Arts and Crafts furniture and fittings.  It is also said to be the ghostly repose of Queen Margaret of Anjou, who spent her last happy night at Owlpen in 1471, and takes her place amongst a pantheon of ghosts whose presence has been a feature of the house for centuries.