Broadward Hall estate is a site of special scientific interest. Visitors will tour the gardens and see the first stage of renovation of the Victorian walled garden, then visit the Victorian pump house, restored with a grant from DEFRA, and the site where a Bronze Age hoard was discovered in the mid-19th century (now in the British Museum). Those who are interested can visit  the early 19th century archery walk lined with giant sequoia trees. Afternoon tea, served in the music room, is followed by an early evening tour of the house at Stokesay Court, a magnificent late Victorian mansion with a stunning oak-carved, double-height, galleried Great Hall. The house was built in 1889 for John Derby Allcroft, a partner in glovemakers J & W Dent. The architect, Thomas Harris, deployed the most modern technological developments of the time. Well preserved examples of some of the earliest electric lighting and heating are visible today. The visitor will discover an unusually unaltered and intact interior for a house of this period. It is famous as the location for The Tallis House in the film Atonement.

Tickets £45 including afternoon tea at Broadward Hall and drinks and canapés at Stokesay Court.