Burton Constable has had its share of what would probably have been called ‘difficult’ women over the centuries: or perhaps ‘spirited’, ‘independent’, ‘challenging’, or ‘capable’ women, depending on how you view them!
In 2019 the spotlight throughout the Hall will fall on these generations of women, and their varying impacts on, and contributions to, the development of the Constable Family and the Hall itself, through their fascinating and sometimes surprising, stories.

From the dedication of Winifred Constable, who accompanied her brother William on a Grand Tour to try and find a cure for his gout to the flamboyant Rosina, second Lady Clifford Constable, who enjoyed the freedom and financial independence brought by widowhood, and ‘sacked’ Burton Constable  of valuable contents to pursue a colourful life in Italy, yet returned to Yorkshire along with much of the collections, to finally be buried in the family mausoleum.

This exhibition is included with the normal hall admission charges. Please note this event is free for Historic Houses members. 

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