Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a young Duke who lived at Haddon Hall, who decided to mount his horse and ride away far from his Derbyshire Home.  He took with him his family and household and locked the great door. For three hundred years the Hall was quiet, waiting for him to return.  Ivy soon climbed its walls and the woods around it crept closer.  As the years passed, a great spell of silence and slumber took over the hall.  It was as if it had been enchanted, a fairy tale castle lost in time, waiting to be re-awoken.

But the Hall had not been forgotten.  There were those that knew of it and remembered it, and they did not call it Haddon Hall, they called it 'The Sleeping Beauty'.

In honour of Haddon's story and heritage, we proudly invite you, your family, children and friends to join us for this year's Christmas festivities and celebrations of 'Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales'.  Come and be delighted by the fairy tales of old and let the magic of Christmas take hold . . . 

Please note that Historic Houses members will not receive free admission at this time. Find our more about this event.