Holkham is delighted to present ‘Nativity’, a pioneering, moving image artwork by award-winning director and artist, Martha Fiennes. This exclusive event is a great way to fill your days between Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

After walking through the magnificent state rooms, each magically decorated to celebrate the season, visitors have a rare chance to enter the beautiful Chapel - not usually open to visitors, where they can sit and immerse themselves in this mesmeric and mystical artwork.

The concept of ‘Nativity’ is described by Martha Fiennes as ‘a first of its kind’. Inspired by many great Renaissance paintings which have portrayed this story, the artwork itself selects and generates imagery which unfolds seamlessly and continuously via randomising algorithms coded within the computer engine, or ‘AI’, which drives the work.

Sound and music to accompany are similarly selected from a superb and richly contemplative score, written for the work by composer Magnus Fiennes. The result is a mesmeric and highly immersive experience in which no two viewing experiences are ever the same.

Enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco, elderflower pressé and live music in the Marble Hall on arrival.

Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th and Monday 30th December.