Blythe House is an incredibly grand building housing a number of museums' archives.  A bit of a secret, it is located just behind Olympia, London. Marvel at its domineering edifice, which was originally built to house the Post Office Savings Bank. It features Edwardian baroque red brick and Portland stone dressing, much like Olympia’s Pillar Hall. Grade II listed since 2004, it's well worth walking by just to marvel at the building's architecture alone and we get to enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the collection cared for in the Clothworkers' Centre before Blythe House closes its door forever as a store for museums and is turned into luxury apartments.

Visitors MUST bring a means of identification to Blythe House. No food, drink, chewing gum, newspapers or pens are allowed in the room and must be left in lockers.

£28. No refreshments included.

Photo © Docben [CC BY-SA (]