The coronavirus outbreak is affecting people and businesses everywhere, including our member houses. While the situation unfolds, we're trying to keep on top of developments among our houses and keep you aware of any changes to their opening arrangements.

With our member places facing one of the worst crises in living memory, our work supporting independent heritage has never been more essential. We are grateful for the support of all our members. We understand that many will be disappointed by the reduction in free-entry benefits but we're working hard to ensure that we can still offer a great value membership when brighter times return.

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Historic Houses member information

If you are a Historic Houses member and wish to visit one of the above properties, please visit the house's website first as you may need to book tickets in advance. If advanced booking is required, and there is not provision on the house's website for Historic Houses membersto visit for free, please contact them directly or email us at

Before you travel to a property

If you are planning to visit a property that is now open to the public but which neither features on our re-opening page nor makes mention of provision for Historic Houses members on their website, please get in touch with us first before making any journeys. While the circumstances and logistics are indeed still very challenging for member houses, we are currently aware of only one property that has left the member-access scheme (Chatsworth gardens).

If you are asked to pay for your ticket

Please note, if you are a Historic Houses member and are asked to pay for entry to a property that would be in normal circumstances be free to vist, please do not pay for your ticket without first getting in touch with us. Any property that is both open to the public now and is part of the Historic Houses access scheme is assumed to be still offering free access to members (Chatsworth being the exception). We will not be able to refund tickets purchased at any properties in any circumstances, and any subsequent refunds by member houses is at the discretion of the house.

Your obligations when booking in advance

As you may have seen, many Historic Houses properties have made provision for our members to book free tickets via their websites, allowing for the house to ensure that the number of visitors they receive on any given day is manageable. If you are booking a ticket in advance, it is essential that you inform the property if your circumstances change and you are not then able to visit, so that they can make your place available to someone else.

Remember, not showing up for a pre-booked time will potentially have cost someone else a place, and the house money that they can ill afford to lose in the circumstances.