Tourism is the UK’s fifth biggest industry in terms of GDP contribution, and is the fastest growing sector in the UK in employment terms. Heritage is the product that makes our tourism industry so successful, and historic houses lead the way in attracting millions of visitors to rural Britain.

81% of inbound tourists state that visiting historic houses and castles are the reason that they come to the UK, and 63% of domestic travellers cited being able to visit a historic building or monument as their ‘sole reason’ or a ‘very important reason’ for their holiday.

Historic Houses places are the bedrock of this booming tourism industry. Between them, the historic houses, castles and gardens we represent attract over 26 million visits each year, which generates around £1 billion in visitor spend.

All of this tourism activity at Historic Houses places generates tens of thousands of jobs across rural Britain, as well as supporting thousands of local businesses in the supply chain, and creating a strong sense of place in local communities.

We recognise that heritage could contribute even more to UK GDP if given the right conditions, and work closely with networks such as The Tourism Alliance to improve the business conditions for heritage tourism - such as addressing rural transport and digital infrastructure barriers