The result of the 2016 referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU presents both challenges and opportunities for the heritage and tourism sectors. While Historic Houses is neutral on the matter of Brexit, we are clear that the development of the heritage and tourism industries will be critical to ensuring economic success in a post-Brexit Britain.  

The Historic Houses policy team will continue to work with Government and stakeholders to discuss and shape areas affecting our house members.
These areas are spread across various sectors, notably tourism, agriculture and the environment. They include but are not limited to:;

  • Creating a comprehensive alternative to the Common Agricultural Policy that does more to support rural heritage as part of the rural environment, and guaranteeing all current funding until this new system is in place
  • Ensuring that any deregulation benefits rather than hinders historic houses and their ongoing development as small businesses, rural employers and tourist attractions

As the Brexit process continues, we will be making the case loud and clear for why historic houses have a significant role to play in a post-Brexit Britain.

House members can log in to access our Brexit advice page for advice and guidance on preparing for EU Exit.