Historic Houses (or to give us our full legal title, the Historic Houses Association) was formed in 1973, at a time of great national uncertainty for heritage.

The turmoil of war, and changing economic and social conditions, meant that hundreds of significant historic houses had been lost in the decades after 1945. Our organisation was established to provide a means for independent owners of these important homes to work together to face the challenges of new times and new realities.

We are devoted to the long-term care and protection of some of the finest heritage in the country. Our base is at 2 Chester Street in central London. We have experts who specialise in marketing and communication, policy and public affairs, and membership services. We are a not-for-profit independent company, governed by a board of directors. A voluntary Council comprising mainly of historic house owners meets quarterly to give advice and direction.


Director General: Ben Cowell 

Director of Finance & Operations: Rufus Mitcheson

Director of Policy: Emma Robinson

Director of Marketing & Development: James Probert

Digital & Marketing Officer: Dominic Head

Brand & Design Officer: Rosylvia Wang

Policy Officer: Lydia Gibson

Finance Officer: Jane Seymour

Operations Officer: Sam Aaronberg

Executive Assistant to Director General: Candida Janson

Events Coordinator: Fiona Attenborough


Technical Advisor: Robert Parker

Education Advisor: Gail Bromley